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  • 26.05.2017

    ECMWF Fellow

    The ECMWF Fellow status of Prof. Tilmann Gneiting (C7 project) has been extended through June 2020. more

  • 01.05.2017

    W2W at the EGU 2017

    The promotion of equal opportunity within W2W has been presented at the EGU 2017 in the session "Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences". more

  • 24.04.2017

    Girls' Day 2017

    Building on last year's success, W2W took part in Girls' Day on April 27th 2017. Schoolgirls between 12 and 15 year old learned about studies and research in the fields of Meteorology and Physics thanks to short presentations, hands-on activities, and discussions at the different partner institutions. more

  • 12.04.2017

    Interview in MINT (12.04.2017)

    Corinna Hoose gave an interview on April 12th 2017 in MINT. more

  • 01.03.2017

    "Wissenschaft für jedermann"

    Volkmar Wirth will give a presentation to a broad audience on numerical weather forecasting and themes addressed in W2W on March 1st 2017. more

  • 16.11.2016

    2nd Annual Meeting of W2W (Nov. 08-11, 2016)

    The 2nd Annual Meeting of W2W took place from November 08th to 11th, 2016 in Speyer. The program of the meeting and more information can be found below. more

  • 24.10.2016

    NAWDEX in ARD-Morgenmagazin (21.10.2016)

    George Craig and Andreas Schäfler have been interviewed about the NAWDEX campaign in the ARD-Morgenmagazin on October 21st 2016. more

  • 15.10.2016

    W2W Annual Meeting

    The next annual meeting of W2W will take place from November 8th to November 11th 2016. More information will be posted in the "Meetings" section. more

  • 19.09.2016

    NAWDEX Campaign started!

    The international measurement campaign NAWDEX (for North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream Impact Experiment) started today in Island. more

  • 03.08.2016

    Interview in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (03.08.2016)

    An interview of George Craig has appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on August 3rd 2016. more

  • 22.07.2016

    2 PhD positions available!

    One PhD position is available in the A3 project on "Assessment of model errors in warm conveyor belts and their impact on downstream dynamics". One PhD position is available in the A6 project on "Representing forecast uncertainty using stochastic physical parameterizations". more

  • 05.06.2016

    Article in "Die Welt am Sonntag" (05.06.2016)

    A two-page article has appeared on Sunday, June 5th 2016 on the future of weather prediction. The article is partly based on an interview of George Craig. more

  • 31.05.2016

    Quarks & Co (31.05.2016)

    W2W provided scientific material for the program "Quarks & Co" aired on May 31st 2016 on the WDR channel (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) and presented by Ralph Caspers. more

  • 15.05.2016

    DMG Seminar Series

    George Craig has been invited to give a presentation about W2W in the Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft (DMG) seminar series on November 23rd 2016. more

  • 02.05.2016

    Girls' Day 2016

    W2W took part in Girls' Day on April 28th, 2016. Hands-on activities, presentations and discussions were organized for schoolgirls between 12 and 15 years old in Munich (LMU), in Karlsruhe (KIT) and in Mainz (JGU). more

  • 06.04.2016

    Joint NAWDEX/W2W Workshop (Apr. 2016)

    The joint NAWDEX/W2W workshop will take place at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen from April 4th to April 6th 2016. Visit the "Meetings" section for more information. more

  • 08.02.2016

    Visualization Workshop (Apr. 2016)

    The cross-cutting activity "Visualization" workshop will take place in the Munich area from April 6th to April 8th 2016. More information will be posted in the "Meetings" section soon. more

  • 05.02.2016

    Gabriel Wolf (U. Reading) at JGU and KIT

    Gabriel Wolf visited JGU and KIT from February 1st-3rd, 2016. more

  • 29.01.2016

    Cathryn Birch (U. Leeds and MetOffice) at KIT

    Cathryn Birch visited KIT from January 26th-28th, 2016. more

  • 10.12.2015

    48th Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

    W2W will have a booth within "Research in Germany" (organized by the DFG) at the AGU in San Francisco on December 15th 2015. more

  • 18.11.2015

    ECS Workshop (7th-10th Dec. 2015)

    The first ECS Workshop will take place from December 7th-10th, 2015 in Karlsruhe. more

  • 10.11.2015

    Kick-off Meeting (Nov. 10-12, 2015)

    The Kick-Off Meeting of W2W will take place from November 10th to 12th, 2015 in Memmingen. The program of the meeting and more information can be found below. more

  • 09.11.2015

    Interview in "alle wetter!" on the "Hessischer Rundfunk" (09.11.2015)

    Volkmar Wirth (JGU) gave an interview in the program "alle wetter!" on the Hessian TV channel (Hessischen Rundfunk) on November 9th, 2015. more

  • 05.11.2015

    Interview on Radio KIT (05.11.2015)

    Peter Knippertz (KIT) gave an interview on Radio KIT on November 5th 2015. The interview (in German) can be found below. more

  • 04.11.2015

    Press release on idw (03.11.2015)

    The aims and challenges of W2W have been presented and published on idw (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft) as well as on the JGU website. The texts can be found below (in German and in English). more

  • 25.09.2015

    Open Positions within W2W

    One PhD position is available within the W2W consortium. For more information, please click on the link below. more