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ECS Annual Meeting (Dec. 2021)

The ECS gathered virtually for their annual meeting on the 7th and 8th of December 2021. The meeting was originally planned to be held in person in Speyer, but it changed to an online format due to the COVID pandemic.
On the first day, the ECS participated in a workshop on "Designing Confidence, Dealing with Imposter Syndrome". In two separate groups, two coaches explained vocal, verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. The ECS worked on learning about the impact of stressors on perception and performance and how to improve their confidence especially in oral presentations with one coach. With a focus on the power of the words in shaping confidence, the second coach worked with the ECS to exercise a confident and assertive speech. Overall, the workshop provided the opportunity for the ECS to interact and talk about these topics and their ideas in smaller groups.

On the second day the meeting started with two keynote presentations. Patrick Ludwig from KIT talked about "Climate Change and Extremes". In his talk, he explained the fundamental physics of climate change, climate model development, and focused on some recent results of the IPCC report. Next, Georgios Fragkoulidis (JGU, former PhD student in W2W) talked about the local Rossby wave packet (RWP) properties and temperature extremes. After explaining the RWP diagnosis, Georgios explained the role of RWP in European temperature extremes and their interannual-to-decadal variability.
Dr. Yeon Joo Lee was invited on behalf of the IAMAS ECS to the meeting and presented an overview of IAMAS, their ECS activities and possible collaboration between W2W and IAMAS, for example a webinar series and ECS events in 2022. After this, the ECS committee gave a short overview of possibilities and activities within W2W for ECS and had discussions on future meetings.

We would like to thank everybody who helped to organize and make this meeting happen.
Overall 32 ECS joined the meeting but some are missing on the group photo below.

ecs-annual-meet-dec2021-webParticipants of the W2W ECS annual meeting on 8th December 2021

Program of the meeting