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Equal opportunity

The promotion of equal opportunities is a central commitment of all members and participating institutions of W2W.

Intense efforts are made in W2W to support families and women in order to provide flexible family-friendly working conditions, to increase the number of women in natural sciences and to improve the work-family balance.

By its specific measures W2W intends to gradually

  • increase the number of female scientists as project leaders
  • support scientific careers of female scientists
  • assist in providing a family-friendly working environment

Furthermore, other dimensions of diversity such as cultural background or age are recognized and taken into account in the management decisions of W2W, with the aim to create an inclusive and comfortable work environment for everyone.

To implement this strategy, an Equal Opportunity Committee (EOC) has been set up. The terms of reference of the EOC are available here:

Terms of Reference of the Equal Opportunity Committee

The equal opportunity measures are available to all people employed by W2W and to all W2W members. To learn more, click on "Measures" below or download the flyer.

If you would like to benefit from these measures or if you have questions, please click on "Contact" below.

Equal Opportunity measures already implemented within W2W are briefly described in "Activities within W2W" below.