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ECS writing workshop (May 2022)

The W2W ECS committee organized an online Writing Workshop on 5-6 May 2022. The instructor, Carsten Rohr presented an overview of the steps to create a paper draft, and the eighteen participants from all W2W institutes created their first draft paper based on their results during a hands-on session.
On the first day, the focus of the workshop was on the five key parts of the paper (title, abstract, figures, captions, conclusions) and the participants practiced their main messages, building their paper argumentation points, and improving their graphics and caption to convey their messages in the clearest way.
On the second day, the participants practiced principles for text writing including building paragraphs, revision, writing abstracts, and writing in active form. The last session of the workshop was dedicated to notes regarding the writing process and article submission. The online learning platform set up by the instructor also provided a nice environment for getting feedback and more learning materials.The aim of this workshop is to set priorities in the writing process, develop a clear main message, and structure the text logically.


Some participants of the workshop