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Kompaktseminar Numerik (Sep. 2018)

The numerical analysis working group of JGU in Mainz organized the Kompaktseminar Numerik workshop, which was attended by several members of W2W, including people from JGU-Mainz and from LMU-Munich. The main goal of the workshop was to focus on interdisciplinary aspects of W2W with a strong focus on mathematical details. Among the participants was Markus Bachmayr, who has been appointed on September 1st 2018 as a new colleague at the mathematics department of JGU. Markus is an expert in uncertainty quantification and he contributed a lot of insights during the discussions at the workshop.

The topics of the individual talks ranged from questions of existence and uniqueness of differential equations that occur in cloud physics, convergence of finite volume methods for the Euler equations, parameter estimation techniques using Kalman type filters, to the detection of coherent air streams in tropical storms, and to mathematical models for homogeneous ice nucleation. Further talks on stochastic Stokes equations, stochastic Galerkin methods for cloud simulations, and uncertainty quantification of cloud models demonstrated that some W2W projects have already applied uncertainty quantification techniques, and the corresponding people are faithfully looking forward to further improve their results and to benefit from discussions with Markus Bachmayr.

The meeting took place from September 12th-14th 2018 in Kaub, a village in the center of the romantic Rhine valley, not far from the famous Loreley.

More information can be found here.

Program of the meeting

group_kompaktseminar2018Participants of the workshop in Kaub