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Kompaktseminar Numerik (Sep. 2016)


On September 14th-16th 2016, a group of 33 Master and PhD students, postdocs, and professors from Mainz and Munich took part in the workshop "Numerical Analysis meets W2W" organized by Martin Hanke-Bourgeois (JGU). The participants, including five PIs of W2W and one special guest from DWD (Dr. S. Hollborn), gathered at the Ebernburg in Rhineland-Palatine to discuss mathematical issues in the context of the W2W projects.

The talks had a fascinating interdisciplinary range of topics including atmospheric physics, geophysical flows, inverse problems and mathematical biology. The participants enjoyed the informal format of 30-minute lectures that gave enough time for a careful introduction of the topic of the talks, the mathematical methods used, and a presentation of numerical results. There was plenty of room for lively discussions and, not to forget, social activities. The latter included an afternoon hike through the nearby mountain range with hands-on experience of the impact of high humidity just below and above the saturation level on the way in, and the result of aerosol release by ancient saline constructions in the Salinental near Bad Münster on the way back.

More information can be found here.

Program of the meeting