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NAWDIC workshop (May 2023)

The North Atlantic Waveguide, Dry Intrusion and Downstream Impact Campaign (NAWDIC) workshop was hosted by the "Large-scale Dynamics and Predictability" group at KIT and took place on 12 May 2023. About 20 instrument scientists and atmospheric scientists from KIT, LMU, DLR, JGU, and from W2W and TPChange met at this hybrid workshop to further advance the preparation of the deployment of the German "High Altitude and long Range Aircraft" (HALO) during NAWDIC and to foster the NAWDIC-HALO community.

NAWDIC is an international effort for an airborne field campaign focusing on atmospheric dynamics. Its overarching aim is to advance our understanding of the synoptic- to micro-scale dynamical and physical processes associated with the triggering of severe wind gusts, heavy precipitation, and cold air outbreaks in the North Atlantic, Euro-Mediterranean region and of their representation in NWP models. Led by the "Large-scale Dynamics and Predictability" group at KIT and supported by W2W, NAWDIC is scheduled to take place in winter 2025/2026.

Talks on the planning status of NAWDIC helped to update the participants about the aims of the campaign. Talks dedicated to instruments onboard HALO provided valuable information for the design of flight strategies. Key outcome of the workshop is that a community is now formed around the NAWDIC-HALO component consisting of scientists from various institutions and universities in Germany and beyond. Furthermore, an agreement has been reached regarding the instrumentation for NAWDIC-HALO and the design of the roadmap towards the actual campaign implementation. A next major step is the international coordination of further NAWDIC components, which will be part of a follow-up workshop at ECMWF in Reading on 30 June 2023.

nawdic-group-500Participants of the NAWDIC workshop on 12 May 2023