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RA-B Meeting (Jun. 2021)

The Research Area B meeting took place on 16-17th June 2021 online. Up to 33 participants from RA-B, but also from RA-A, RA-C and the Z2 project attended the meeting. The excellent presentations by the ECS triggered many questions, lively discussions and new ideas. Sue van den Heever and Ron McTaggart-Cowan (Scientific Advisory Board members) made many relevant suggestions and comments and we thank both of them for their active and key participation to the meeting.
In the general discussion, the current research questions in RA-B were discussed and suggestions were made to rephrase them. The SAB highlighted the excellent and significant progress made since the last Annual Meeting and the efforts made to collaborate despite COVID19.

group_rab_2021_webParticipants on 16 June 2021

Program of the meeting