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Rossby Wave Workshop (Dec. 2019)

group-rossby2019_scaledParticipants of the workshop on 3 Dec. 2019 in Mainz


W2W organized a one-day workshop on "Rossby waves and their implications for extreme weather and climate" on December 3rd 2019. The workshop took place at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg University, in Mainz.

Altogether the workshop hosted 12 scientists: Rachel White (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Federico Grazzini (LMU), Andreas Fink, Philipp Zschenderlein and Florian Becker (KIT), and a large portion of attendees from JGU Mainz: Volkmar Wirth, Michael Riemer, Joachim Eichhorn, Franziska Teubler, Georgios Fragkoulidis, Amelie Mayer, and Christopher Polster.

The following presentations were given:

  • “Understanding Heatwaves: a role for Atmospheric Waveguides” by Rachel White (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  • “Dynamical precursors and decadal variability of extreme precipitation events over northern-central Italy" by Federico Grazzini (LMU)
  • “Disentangling the role of Rossby waves in shaping present-day and future heat waves over Europe" by Andreas Fink (KIT)
  • “Local Rossby Wave Packet properties: Seasonal Variability and their Role in Temperature Extremes” by Georgios Frakoulidis (JGU)
  • “Waveguidability of a midlatitude jet in a barotropic model framework” by Volkmar Wirth (JGU)

Lively discussions accompanied the presentations throughout the workshop, and these continued even during the lunch break and at dinner following the official part of the workshop. The topic is considered as highly relevant and of current interest, and there will be a PICO session with a similar topic at the upcoming EGU General Assembly in Vienna in May 2020.

We are grateful to W2W for financial support for this exciting one-day event.

Click here to see the agenda.