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Visualization workshop (Mar. 2021)

visworkshop_2021Participants of the workshop

The W2W Met.3D visualization workshop, hosted by Marc RautenhausAndreas Beckert and Kamesh Modali took place online on 23 March 2021.
After a brief introduction to Met.3D and its origins, the participants learned in multiple hands-on sessions in break-out groups how to use the software on the W2W remote visualization servers to visually analyse an ECMWF ensemble forecast. Several tasks had to be solved to get accustomed to Met.3D interactive visual analysis functionality, including interactive maps and vertical sections, 3D isosurfaces and volume rendering, trajectories, Skew-T diagrams, and basic ensemble functions. Andreas and Kamesh introduced recent developments for stereographic projection support and front analysis. If you are also interested in using Met.3D, have a look at the online documentation resources here.

The program of the meeting is available here.