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W2W Women Workshop (Jan.-Feb. 2022)

A W2W Women Workshop took place early 2022 and was initiated by the EO committee and a few women scientists in W2W.

The first part of the workshop took place on 17 January. Fifteen participants took part in a workshop on "Gender Aspects of Communication" covering general strategies such as recognizing and reacting to mansplaining, impostor syndrome and biases. The first part of this workshop was a presentation providing the background and a broad perspective on these issues. The participants were then split in smaller groups to discuss the muted group theory and the co-cultural communication theory. A second round of small discussions focussed on the personal experience of the participants regarding the impostor syndrome, mansplaining, manterrupting, and manologues. These smaller group discussions provided a forum to exchange personal anecdotes and suggestions.

The second part of the W2W Women Workshop consisted in individual voice trainings. Thirteen women took part in these coaching sessions to improve their voice and their speech.

The third and last part of the workshop consisted in small group discussions among the women (PI and ECS) in W2W. Topics incuded:

  • exchanging feedback on the two previous parts on the workshop
  • exchanging tips or previous experiences, sharing methods/tools, best practices, books, etc.
  • identifying take-home messages
  • defining personal and concrete next steps or upcoming challenges to master
Overall, the format of the workshop with three different sessions a few weeks apart from each other was very good, allowing digesting information and thinking about take-home messages between sessions. Talking about personal and professional challenges related to gender issues was a very positive experience and a great opportunity to get support and tips from the W2W community. 
Participants on 8 February 2022

The program of the workshop is available here.