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Annika Oertel receives funding for a junior group!


Annika Oertel (KIT) received funding to start her junior group called "Increasing the value of campaign observations through data assimilation to improve convective predictive ability" (INVACODA) on 1 July 2023. The new group is embedded in the IDEA-S4S program of the DWD (partner program with Italy) and is funded by the BMDV with approx. 1.4M€ for 4 years.

The new group will deal with the evaluation of data assimilation experiments with the DWD system. In particular, the question arises as to whether KITcube observations can have a verifiable added value for thunderstorm forecasts. This is an important building block for the entire research infrastructure at IMK-TRO as well as the cooperation with the DWD.