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Riemer, Michael

PD, Dr. Michael Riemer


Coordinator of the Research Area A "Upscale error growth" (2016-2019)

Project leader of the A1 project "Multi-scale analysis of the evolution of forecast uncertainty (2019-2023)
Project leader of the A8 project "Dynamics and predictability of blocked regimes in the Atlantic-European region" (2019-2023)
Project leader of the C3 project "Predictability of tropical and hybrid cyclones over the North Atlantic Ocean" (2019-2023)
Project leader of the A1 project "Upscale impact of diabatic processes from convective to near-hemispheric scale" (2015-2019)
Project leader of the A4 project "Evolution and predictability of storm structure during extratropical transition of tropical cyclones" (2015-2019)
Project leader of the C3 project "Multi-scale dynamics and predictability of Atlantic Subtropical Cyclones and Medicanes" (2015-2019)


Institute for Atmospherical Physics
Johannes Gutenberg-University
Becherweg 21
55099 Mainz

Phone: +49 613 1392 0027

Website: http://www.staff.uni-mainz.de/mriemer

Work group

A1, A8, C3