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Girls' Day 2017



Girls' Day is a countrywide event to introduce schoolgirls to disciplines and careers in which women are usually underrepresented.

This year, it took place on Thursday April 27th 2017.

Early career scientists and equal opportunity committee members of W2W organized and participated in this event in Munich (LMU), in Mainz (JGU) and in Karlsruhe (KIT).

  • At the LMU in Munich, 11 girls between 12 and 15 years old took part in the workshop "Wind, Weather and Climate change" offered at the meteorological institute. Short presentations about meteorology, the water cycle in the atmosphere, how weather forecasts are made, tropical cyclones, courses offered and research done at the institute, studying for a semester abroad, and a measurement campaign in Hong-Kong provided the school girls with an overview of the ongoing activities at the institute. The participants then had a tour of the roof instruments. In the afternoon, they actively took part in lab experiments where they learned about the föhn winds, the Coriolis force and convection. The school girls enjoyed hearing about weather forecast and studying and working in an international environment. Twelve volunteers made this day possible, five of which are in W2W. The program can be downloaded here.

Group_GD2017Participants and volunteers at the meteorological institute in Munich at LMU (Photo: Andrea Schäfer)

  • At the JGU in Mainz, 14 school girls between 11 and 13 years old constructed their own thermometer and windmill, which they then tested in a wind tunnel. They then saw the instruments in use on the roof and in the weather station of the institute. A TV crew from Sat 1 was invited and a video about Girls' Day at the institute for atmospherical physics in Mainz can be watched here (in German). The program can be found here.

Wetter_GirlsDay2017_JGUParticipants and volunteer in Mainz at JGU (Photo: Nina Kneip)

  • At KIT in Karlsruhe Corinna Hoose gave a presentation at the plenary meeting opening the event. About 150 school girls attended the presentation and asked questions e.g. about studying abroad.

GirlsDay_KIT_2017Corinna Hoose giving a presentation for the opening of Girls' Day 2017 at KIT (Photo: Andreas Deck)