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The Equal Opportunity measures are offered to all people employed by W2W and to all W2W members. They are described below.

All W2W meetings, workshops, group discussions and seminars are scheduled at family-friendly times (i.e. between 9 am and 5 pm) whenever possible.

1. Childcare organized by W2W

Childcare can be arranged:

  • During meetings and workshops organized by the central project Z1, e.g., annual meetings, research area meetings, cross-cutting activity workshops, etc. For the annual meetings, childcare options will be announced in the invitation. For other meetings, please contact the scientific manager.
  • In case of other scientific activities related to W2W, e.g., seminars, teleconferences, PhD defenses, etc.
  • In case of emergencies or sickness.

2. Childcare co-funded by W2W

Limited funding can be offered for:

  • More expensive childcares (kindergartens, crèches) offering extended opening hours.
  • Additional occasional childcare outside of the usual opening hours.
  • School breaks childcare (under certain conditions).
  • Emergency childcare services in Karlsruhe-KIT (“Flexikids”, in German only), in Munich-LMU (link in German only) and in Mainz-JGU (link).

Please note that your university or institute must approve the company or person providing childcare.

3. Home office and computer equipment

For W2W scientists with small children, home office can help improving the work-life balance through enhanced flexibility. Limited funding is available for setting up a home office, e.g. for buying laptops. If you are interested, please contact the scientific manager.

4. Infrastructure

W2W can support the installation of baby changing tables, places for breastfeeding and office rooms equipped for scientists with children.

Information about existing infrastructure:

5. New female PIs

W2W offers financial support for female scientists at the postdoctoral level interested in applying for funding for their own position in order to become a PI within W2W.

6. Student assistants

Scientists with small children can be supported in their W2W projects by extra student assistants funded by W2W. Please note that if needed, the Equal Opportunity Committee will decide on the attribution of these positions.

7. Outreach events

W2W offers limited funding to organize outreach activities at the participating institutes. These activities must showcase W2W research and get girls, in particular, interested in a career in natural science, mathematics, computer science, etc.

8. Career promotion and gender awareness

W2W provides support and funding to scientists and in particular to female scientists to take part in advanced training programs (e.g. workshops) on career, leadership, work-life balance, communication, presentation, time management, conflict management, etc.

For advanced training opportunities in:

Individual coaching for female W2W members can be arranged through the career development offices in Munich, in Karlsruhe and in Mainz.

Mentoring within W2W can be organized for both female and male scientists looking for information and advice, e.g., about career choices and about combining work and family. Feel free to contact the Equal Opportunity co-representatives and committee members directly to organize confidential mentoring meetings.

9. Parental leave

A substitute can be hired for project scientists on parental leave. The position of a project scientist returning from parental leave after the W2W funding period will be extended by the duration of the leave. Additional funds can be requested from the DFG.