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“Short Bias-Check-to-go” workshop

On 13 December 2022, 10 scientists (9 W2W, 1 KIT-IMK-TRO) took part in an online "Short Bias-Check-to-go" workshop. The following issues were addressed:

  1. What are biases?
  2. Importance of biases in equal opportunities
  3. Leaky pipeline
  4. Selection of biases and case studies
  5. Countermeasures

This workshop was a follow-up from the workshop on unconscious biases offered at the W2W kick-off meeting in 2019. In addition to a short presentation by the trainer, a large part of the workshop was dedicated to the discussion of case studies, which were relevant for W2W, and how the participants could react in specific situations, e.g. when witnessing biased behaviors or when hearing biased statements.

Participants of the workshop