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Daniel Kirshbaum

Daniel Kirshbaum (McGill University) is a W2W Fellow with special interest in Research Area B. He visited the meteorological institute at LMU from 27 June to 2 July, the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research at KIT from 3-6 July, and the Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Mainz from 7-11 July 2023.

He gave a colloquium in Munich on 27 June 2023 on "Toward a causal understanding of cumulus entrainment and detrainment".  And he gave a colloquium in Karlsruhe on 4 July 2023 on "Observations of boundary-layer convergence lines in the southern Great Plains (USA)".

His hosts were Christian Keil in Munich, Christian Barthlott in Karlsruhe and Annette Miltenberger in Mainz.

dan-kirshbaum-june2023-munich-500Dan Kirshbaum (left), George Craig (center) and Christian Keil (right) in Munich