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Shira Raveh-Rubin

Shira Raveh-Rubin is the principal investigator of the Dynamical Meteorology Group at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Her research interests are the dynamics of extratropical weather systems, extreme weather events, transport of moisture and aerosols, and numerical modeling. Her group is in particular interested in understanding the mechanisms that govern the day-to-day weather variability, in understanding how weather systems interact across scales, why some weather events become extreme and how predictable are high-impact events. To address these questions, her group analyzes large datasets and develops novel diagnostic tools and model experiments. Shira's research is therefore of interest for W2W and in particular for the research areas A and C.

She visited the Institute for Atmospheric Physics in Mainz, the Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research at KIT and the Meteorological Institute in Munich from May 13th -17th 2019.

At all locations, she presented her latest research on the role of dry air intrusions (DI) in affecting the strength of extratropical cold fronts and associated extreme weather such as wind gusts and heavy precipitation.

In Mainz, she discussed the dynamics of heat waves and the diagnostic of waviness using wave activity concepts with Volkmar Wirth, Georgios Fragkoulidis, and Paolo Ghinassi (Projects C4 and A1), PV diagnostics for non-linear Rossby wave dynamics and error growth with Franziska Teubler and Michael Riemer (Project A8), and the relation of DIs to the cyclone lifecycle, as well as their impact on aerosol/cloud distributions and properties with Annette Miltenberger (Projects B1 and B8). Potential future collaborations were discussed, in particular in the latter area.

Invited by Christian Grams to Karlsruhe, Shira gave a colloquium, which sparked a lively discussion. The ECS took the chance to directly talk to her during a post-colloquium and a joint dinner. Many informal meetings with researchers took place on the next day. These meetings specifically focused on aspects of subseasonal predictability with the W2W-associated young investigator group SPREADOUT, on the dynamics of DIs with Peter Knippertz and Andreas Fink (Projects C2, C4 and C5), on regional climate modelling with Joaquim Pinto (Project C8), and on aerosol feedback and dust mobilization with the group of Bernhard Vogel (Project B1). Shira and the SPREADOUT group will continue to collaborate on large-scale conditions during DIs and their potential predictability on subseasonal time scales. Further exchanges between the two research groups are planned.

Shira finally visited Munich where she discussed with Thomas Birner (Project C8) about DIs in the tropics and stratospheric influence of DIs, and with Federico Grazzini (Project T1) about the relation between warm conveyor belts and heavy precipitation, with a specific focus on the Mediterranean region.

To read the abstract of her presentation on "The link between dry air intrusions and frontal precipitation and winds" at all three locations, click here.

Shira-Raveh-Rubin_visit2019_smallTop: Shira Raveh-Rubin and George Craig in Munich. Bottom: Shira with Dominik Büeler (left) and with Christian Grams (right) in Karlsruhe. Photos: Audine Laurian and Christian Grams.