Waves to Weather

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Outreach activities

The main target audiences of W2W are the general public and school children, as W2W deems training the next generation of weather enthusiasts and researchers of particular importance. This is achieved, e.g., through public presentations, exhibitions, workshops, open days, media interviews and the development of educational material. Although not explicitly an evaluation criterion of the DFG for SFBs, we consider outreach as part of the broader mission of a large publicly funded research project. A key goal is to improve the understanding of probabilistic weather forecast information. The outreach strategy of W2W relies on the omnipresence and actuality of weather information in the public space. This has created a broad interest in the origin of this information that W2W can appeal to. We anticipate that in particular extreme weather events (also in the context of climate change) will create an enhanced attention to the subject that W2W can capitalize on.

Below is a list of outreach activities directly involving W2W. Click on the links to learn more.