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Open Day at JGU Mainz (30.01.2019)

This year’s "open day" took place on January 30th 2019. About 13.000 high school students visited the campus of JGU in Mainz and participated in the numerous activities. The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, which almost all JGU W2W researchers are part of, presented itself for the first time with joint activities. These activities featured a large and well-attended science exhibition – the so-called "Science Square" – partly supported by W2W, and a joint inter-disciplinary presentation called "Science AllStars". The Science Square took place in the foyer of the Helmholtz Institute Mainz and in an adjacent tent (photo, top left) and featured for example the "Cloud in a Box" exhibit (photo, top right) of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. In addition, Holger Tost gave a brief highlight talk that included an introduction to weather prediction and forecast uncertainty (photo, bottom). The students could then test their forecasting skills by taking part in a balloon competition and estimating the landing position of their balloons.

The Science Square exhibition was a great opportunity to get in touch with many high school students with general interests in physics, mathematics, and computer science and we are looking forward to welcoming some of them as our students in the future.

composite_smallTop left: Science Square. Top right: “Cloud in the Box” exhibit. Bottom: introduction to weather prediction and forecast uncertainty by Holger Tost. Photos: Heiko Bozem (IPA)